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Powerful Awesome Intelligent Communicators

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“To help young men and women become Powerful, Awesome, Intelligent Communicators in word, thought, and deed through reading, writing, and speaking.”

We believe that simplicity rules!

Did you know that you are powerful? If you don’t believe it, try smiling at someone and see what they do. Most people will smile back!

That is what we call influence. We let children know that they can influence or infect their atmosphere. We let them know that being a person of influence means that they can inspire others or touch their lives for good or bad. They can smile at someone and make them smile or they can frown and make them frown.  Now, that’s power!

Dr. Gail Hayes, the creator of the PAIC Young Men & Young Women’s  Anti-Bullying & Leadership Initiatives developed the programs to help children understand that they can influence the world around them.

We believe that behavior can be an inhibitor to the educative process. With the PAIC Program, we help children to see that they can focus on their work or project and not allow themselves to be pulled into conflict or behavior that stops their work.

While working in a classroom setting, Dr. Hayes noticed that some of the children were not focusing on learning. They were throwing papers, talking, and getting up from their seats without permission, and disturbing the learning environment. This behavior served as an inhibitor to the educative process.

As the result of that observation, Dr. Hayes developed the PAIC Program to help children see that they too, have a stake in their education and future. She presented them with choices; they can either become winners by listening and focusing on their studies or they could allow others to “take their power” and pull them away from studies and class work.  She emphasizes that by listening to their teachers, they can have their dreams of becoming successful come true.

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