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Powerful Awesome Intelligent Communicators

Resource Group & ABC2SAT

“To help young men and women become Powerful, Awesome, Intelligent Communicators in word, thought, and deed through reading, writing, and speaking.”

Children are Powerful!

If you don’t agree, just ask any parent, teacher, or anyone else who works with them. Like adults, children can change the atmosphere wherever they go. Their attitudes, personalities, and actions influence the world around them in a positive or negative way.

The importance of Character Value Education and its impact on behavior is paramount when it comes to children. When we combine Character Education with Reading, Writing, and Speaking, children can become powerful communicators in word, thought, and deed. By helping children to tell and write their stories they are able to see themselves and valuable community members.

Through our programs, we want to help them find their voice and then sing their life’s song in the chorus of community harmony. We let children know that they can accomplish anything they desire as long as they use their words and their power responsibly.

“When you change the identity, you change the behavior. When you change the behavior, you change the focus. When you change the focus, you change the destiny!”

Dr. Gail Hayes